About us

Founded as Aerotube Technology LLC in 1999 and doing business as Gesundheit Air Quality Services over the last 15 years, Gesundheit has become the number one source for Air Quality Services in Northern Arizona.

Our Air Quality business started with cleaning services like Air Duct Cleaning and HVAC system cleaning. Some issues could be solved by cleaning dirty air ducts and furnaces. However, in many cases, there were other steps to take. Over time we could help many clients with Mold issues, Asthma and Allergy problems to significantly improve their lives.

Manfred Steibli, owner of Gesundheit Air Quality Services is a member of the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA). He received his first certification as Certified Residential Mold Inspector CRMI in 2005 and later his certification as Certified Indoor Environmentalist CIE in August of 2010, board awarded through the American Council of Accredited Certification ACAC, formerly the American Indoor Air Quality Council.

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Dear Friends, Clients and Customers of Gesundheit Air Quality. This is a private announcement. My wife Mary Brogna Steibli who actually came up with our greatly received company name is in need of Dementia care and our solution to the problem was the opening of an Assistant Living Home of our own creation. Our home was more than suitable to be used for that purpose. Please visit our new website www.LivingSpacesAssistedLiving.com and if you know of somebody in need please call or visit us anytime. Thank you for your attention.