Our Process in Dryer Vent Cleaning

Going around a 90 degree bend on a dryer line?
We can do it.

Gesundheit Air Quality uses a more efficient way by using a specially designed compressed air jet system.

The process of Dryer Vent Cleaning :

  1. Measuring your air flow before we start cleaning. This way you have it by the numbers how efficient the cleaning turned out to be.
  2.  Pulling your dryer out and also cleaning behind it and the backside of your dryer.
  3. Connecting our collection device that will hold all the lint without dusting around.
  4. Cleaning you venting system with our compressed air system from the wall or roof outlet towards the location of your dryer.
  5. Reconnecting your dryer and improving the connection if needed. No unnecessary bends or curves for more efficient air flow.
  6. Measuring the air flow after the cleaning.
  7. On demand we can install a sensing device that will alarm you if your dryer gets clogged up.