Process of Air Duct Cleaning

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) recognizes the “Source Removal” method as the only acceptable way to properly clean and decontaminate air duct systems.

Although duct cleaning is a fairly routine process, it does involve professional knowledge of the duct system and it’s various components. Air duct systems consist of a supply and a return side. The supply ducts of an HVAC system delivers heated or cooled air from the air handler to a main “trunk” line. The main trunk line carries the air to smaller “branch” lines which then distributes the air to various locations throughout the home. Although air duct systems may vary, a typical job would work as follows:

  1. First the pre-cleaning inspection and consulting. This is the time to explain our process again to you and your family. We also turn the system on to make sure it is operating properly. Once determined that everything is operating fine, the system is turned off.
  2. The furnace filter is removed, wrapped in plastic, and re-installed to separate the supply and return sides of the system. Dusty air will not reach your furnace during the process.
  3. An 10” access hole is then cut into the main trunk line near the plenum. This opening will be used to for collecting all contaminants from your system. Alternatively if supply registers are big enough or off the main trunk line we can just connect there.
  4. Install a duct mounting flange over the access hole and attach our flexible duct. The other end of the flex duct will be attached to our Hyper Vac negative air machine.
  5. We take all registers down and seal them off with plastic sheets or foam blocks. The advantage of cleaning your whole system under containment means there is no dust going anywhere.
  6. Now that our collector is running and your duct system is under negative pressure (meaning lots of suction) we are starting from the furthest register and will clean each branch line by using high powered compressed air jets in our regular cleaning and additionally cable driven brushes in our heavy duty cleaning to loosen all debris and dust and moving it to the main trunk line, where it will be vacuumed out by our Hyper Vac Air Collection system. The process is then repeated at each register.
  7. Now that the duct system has been cleaned, we focus on your AC-coils and the blower inside your furnace if needed.
  8. After the system has been cleaned an EPA registered air duct sanitizer may be applied. While the system is still under negative pressure, the sanitizer is sprayed into each register with an Ultra Low Volume (ULV) Fogger.
  9. Once the system has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, reseal all access holes with metal patches, then reinstall all registers.