Rodent Infestation and Removal

Rodent infestations into air ducts are quiet common and we have the experience and expertise to bring your system back to sanitary and healthy conditions.

Besides the proper cleaning of your HVAC system we also offer the cleanout of surrounding spaces and repair of damaged ducting. The presence of rodents is not just gross and often smelly but includes more hazards then just the inconvenience. Body oils with pheromone scent, disease infested urine and droppings are all things left behind by rats and other rodents. Special care must be taken when dealing with rodent urine & droppings. Our technicians will need to use Protective Gear such as gloves, respirators and biohazard suits when handling rodent waste to prevent contamination. All contaminated insulation must be removed, then Hepa Vacuuming takes place and finally we can finish the cleaning with sanitizing and deodorizing.

We offer free consultations and no cost quotes.

Rats in Attic