What Post Remediation Clearance testing can do your you

June 8, 2016 Manfred Steibli

Is the air quality after remediation as good as it should be?

The clearance testing compares the air quality from inside the containment area to outside the containment area and to the outdoors. We performed some clearance testing with the results not good enough. The technician from the Remediator had to come back to increase the level of cleanliness or extent the area being remediated.

Are you selling your house and disclose a former mold occurrence?

The documentation that comes with our clearance testing is perfect to show the new owners that there is nothing left to be concerned with and all the work done is properly documented and third party evaluated.

We are called in by Remediation companies or directly by the home owner and sometimes by the lending institution to provide proof and assurance that the fungal growth affecting the home value and the well being of occupants is not longer present and the home or office is restored to prior condition.