Allergen Testing

Allergen Testing and Screening

There is help for Allergen sufferers!

New testing methods now allow you to test your home based on a collection of house dust for the levels of many different common allergens. The most common allergens that are found in a home are animal dander, dust mites, mold/fungi and even cockroach feces.

Puffy eyes and runny nose?

People walk around with puffy eyes and runny noses everyday thinking “oh well its just my allergies” but, what if a simple indoor allergen screening could detect the allergen and change their life for the better, forever. Something they thought was probably a reaction to a grass or tree could actually be a reaction to the pet dander or mold in there home.

We have helped many clients that did not know what the cause of their problem was until they saw which allergens were above certain threshold levels.

Now, they can take this information we have given them and remove the cause or take it to their Primary Care Doctor/Allergist for further help in their care.

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