Mold Inspection & Testing

Mold Inspections you can trust:
We are not Remediators!

Our investigations are conducted solely by owner Tanner Barker, a Certified Indoor Environmentalist. He is also a BPI (Building Performance Institute) Certified Professional.

Our reports include inspection summaries, photographic documentation, moisture survey results & interpretations, microbial sampling results and remediation guidance.

Mold Inspection Details

  • Occupant surveys – we interview employees on request otherwise you tell us the story/history for the reason of your concern.
  • Complete visual inspection of facility or home.
  • Moisture survey & documentation
  • Describing Building defects leading to moisture/water intrusion
  • Photographic documentation
  • On suspicious building elements like a wall or ceiling, there are two options to investigate:
    – Invasive inspection of concealed building cavities, typically a 4X4 inch cut
    (only as contractually agreed).
    – non invasive alternative to cutting drywall open would be a pencil size hole for boroscopic visual inspection or wall cavity air sampling
  • Sampling or testing can be done in different ways:
    – Microbial sampling & analysis (Surface or bulk sampling of suspicious areas).
    – Air sampling usually as indoor/outdoor comparison would show hidden presence of fungal growth) Bio-growth in the form of mold spores are one form of airborne particulate contamination.

We also include the scope of needed Remediation and define the major steps to do so.

Gesundheit Air Quality can offer 24-hour turnaround for mold laboratory sample analysis.