Mold Inspection Details

How do we test for Mold?

  1. Occupant surveys – we interview employees on request otherwise you tell us the story/history for the reason of your concern.
  2. Complete visual inspection of facility or home.
  3. Moisture survey & documentation
  4. Describing building defects leading to moisture/water intrusion
  5. Photographic documentation
  6. With suspicious building elements, on a wall or ceiling, there are two options to investigate:
    – Invasive inspection of concealed building cavities, typically a 4X4 inch cut
    (only as contractually agreed)
    – Non invasive inspection, drilling a pencil size hole for boroscopic visual inspection or wall cavity air sampling
  7. Sampling or testing can be done in different ways:
    – Microbial sampling & analysis (Surface or bulk sampling of suspicious areas)
    – Air sampling an indoor/outdoor comparison to show hidden presence of fungal growth; such as bio-growth, a form of mold spores that are an airborne particulate contamination

We also include the scope of necessary Remediation and define the major steps to do so.

Gesundheit Air Quality offers a 24-hour turnaround for mold laboratory sample analysis.