Cleaning Levels in Air Duct cleaning

Level I Basic Duct Cleaning 

Cleaning with access through all registers. Compressed air jets are used to dislodge particulates from the surface of flexible and rigid duct work and also helping to move all dislodged material towards our collecting device.

Level II Premium or Heavy Duty Cleaning.

All of the above. Additionally to the high powered compressed air procedure described above we use our rotating brush system to have a mechanical impact on the surface to be cleaned. We are able to reach up to 40 feet into your duct work and use brushes in all kind of diameters and types for different duct work to brush clean your system to the highest standard possible.

Level III cleaning with access cuts made into main trunk lines.

For heavy contaminates and loads in main trunk lines including rodent intrusions. All the methods of level I and II are used and additionally we access the main trunk lines as often as necessary to move heavy debris out of your system. A hookup to the main trunk line and other service openings will be cut. We close all this openings perfectly and durable with no effect on future use of your system.

Air Duct cleaning methods to be aware of:

Buyer beware on the method used cleaning Air Ducts. Some methods out there clean half of your system if you are lucky. With us we clean your entire system and work under containment, meaning all registers are sealed off before we start. A powerful reverse air system hooking up with a 10 inch wide hose to your system will do the job of getting everything out without any dusting around whatsoever.